Addison Russell for Manny Machado? Good or Bad Trade?

    Is the Manny Machado trade an actual good idea? I’ll take a look at it here in this article and give my opinion on the possible blockbuster deal between the Cubs and Orioles. Jesse Rogers, a Cubs writer for ESPN, made some good points on trying to get Machado, saying the Cubs would send Addison Russell and maybe one or two prospects to the Orioles in exchange for the All-star third baseman.
So what do I think about the trade? I would be okay with it, and here’s why. Machado could take Russell’s spot since he wants to play short, and he would fit perfectly into our already powerful lineup. Later in Rogers article, he says if Machado doesn’t resign with the Cubs in 2019, which he wouldn’t, then we could have Javier Baez step up to a full-time shortstop, and possibly Happ at second, which I’m a big fan of and would love to see happen. Baez right now is one of the best defensive players in the league, and could easily win some gold gloves in his near future. And Happ could be the next Dan Uggla and hit 30 home runs a year at the second base position, and maybe even an MVP?
Addison Russell is young, but his history with injuries is not off to a good start. He could be at the peak of his ability due to that, but I really want him to prove me wrong. Rogers says “It could be the right time to deal him —  especially for a player of Machado’s caliber.” I agree with that, but the risk of giving up an elite player for just one season with Machado doesn’t really make too much sense. Unless Machado helps us win a World Series, then none of that mattered.
If I was Theo I would definitely make the offer of Russell for Machado, but I wouldn’t add any prospects unless they demanded it. Even then I wouldn’t give up any of our top five prospects. 

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