Free Agent Target: Addison Reed

addison reed

There haven’t been too many rumblings about Addison Reed this offseason so far, and I have to wonder if he is waiting to see what kind of deal Wade Davis gets before he gets too deep into negotiations. The Cubs haven’t really been linked to him, other than by a lot of online writers, like myself, saying they should go after him, like I am right now.

Reed, 28 (will be 29 later this month), could be the closer the Cubs are looking for. He has experience, yet is unproven enough to keep his price tag lower than where Wade’s will be. Reed pitched 76 innings last year with the Mets and Red Sox, and he posted a 2.84 ERA and a 3.67 FIP with 19 saves and an ERA- of 66.

He gets a fair amount of strike outs, 9 per 9 innings, and has a very low walk rate of 1.78 per 9. This year he got bit by the home run bug, like most pitchers, and he gave up 1.3 per 9 innings, which is less than ideal, but since it hasn’t previously been a problem in his career (gave up just .46 per 9 in 2016), we will assume this issue won’t become a full blown problem.

Reed hasn’t been a closer for a full season since 2014 when he recorded 32 saves with the Diamondbacks, but there is no reason to believe he couldn’t slide back into that role pretty easily. He is basically a 2 pitch pitcher, which is common for late-inning relievers, and throws a fastball 65% of the time, a slider 35% of the time, and he used to throw a change up, but he’s gone away from that the last few years. He doesn’t have a ton of velocity, averages about 93 mph on his fastball and 86 on his slider, but he controls both pitches very well and has a good amount of movement on both of them.

Addison Reed would be a fantastic fit for the Cubs, and I really hope we can make it happen. He ranks number 1 on my personal board of relievers this post season (I don’t want to pay for Wade Davis), and I think he is a realistic option for this Cubs team. He’s still young, so it won’t be a huge deal to give him a 4 year deal, maybe with an option for year 5, especially if he can be a good closer like I think he can be. Plus, I’d like to have 2 guys named Addison on the team, for obvious Cubs reason.

Let me know what you think on Twitter @ChiCubsCoverage. Thanks for reading!

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