Cubs Throwback Thursday- Ryne Sandberg Game

In 1984, in the middle of the cold war, with Ronald Reagan as our president, there were many things going on. But as Cubs fans, there’s something we can all remember even if we weren’t alive(like me). Ryne Sandberg was just establishing himself as a major leaguer, being a rookie just two season before 84’.

  The “Ryne Sandberg Game” took place on June 23rd, 1984. The Cubs were playing the St. Louis Cardinals and Sandberg played the game of his life. He had an RBI single in the first inning, and another RBI in the fifth . When he came up again in the bottom of the sixth, he hit a two run single and was thrown out attempting to stretch it into a double. 

  In the ninth inning, the Cubs were down 9-8 coming back from a 9-3 deficit earlier on in the game. With Sangberg at the plate, and he was facing the great Bruce Sutter who was close to closing the game out for the Cardinals, but Sandberg took Sutter deep to tie the game up and force extra innings.

The Cards scored two runs in the top of the tenth regaining the lead. In the tenth inning with a man on first, Sandberg came up again with another chance to tie the game. Here is Harry Caray’s call-

“There’s a drive, way back! Might be outta here! It is! It is! He did it again! He did it again! The game is tied! The game is tied! Holy Cow! Listen to this crowd, everybody’s gone bananas! What would the odds be if I told you that twice Sandberg would hit home runs off Bruce Sutter?- Harry Caray

 Sandberg went deep again off Bruce Sutter tying the game up for the second time. And the Cubs ended up winning the game in the 11th inning off a Dave Owen walkoff single.

 Sandberg ended the season with a batting average of .314, 200 hits and 19 home runs. He went on to win the MVP in 1984 and the Cubs won the division, but were stopped short in the NLCS by the San Diego Padres. Sandberg went on to have a great career and was selected into the Hall of Fame in 2005.

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