Cubs Targeting a New Closer… or Two


With Wade Davis being a free agent, and probably asking for too much and/or too many years, it was always likely that the Cubs were going to target a new closer. We have that confirmation this morning, thanks to Ken Rosenthal, who is reporting that they are going after 2 different relievers, Mike Minor and Brandon Morrow, in the hopes of landing at least one of them to be the new closer.

mike minor.jpg

Minor is a 29, soon to be 30 year old lefty who has spent his career in Atlanta and Kansas City. Last season, Minor put up a 2.55 ERA in 77.2 innings with 6 saves, a 57 ERA- and a 61 FIP-, putting him well above average. He was very good with the Royals, but he wouldn’t be my top choice for a closer. You could get him at a reasonable rate, probably a 3 or 4 year deal, but he isn’t exactly going to be a top of the line closer.

brandon morrow

The other option, Brandon Morrow, is more of the closer type, but he is also 33. Marrow, with the Dodgers last season, put up a 2.06 ERA in 43.2 innings, posting 10.31 K/9 and only 1.85 BB/9, in addition, he also had an ERA- of 50 and a FIP- of 37. Dude was unbelievable. Reports I’ve seen have Morrow wanting a 3 year deal, which is understandable, given the numbers he put up last season, but worries me a bit considering he will be 37 when that 3 year deal would be up.

These 2 players would combine to make about what Wade Davis alone will command, so I could definitely see the Cubs shelling out the money to bring both of them in. In that case, with Morrow being a righty, I could certainly see the Cubs using a closer by committee situation, with Morrow and Minor holding down the back end. Combine them with CJ Edwards, who will hopefully have his control issues figured out, and hopefully a return to form from Justin Wilson, and the Cubs could have a very deadly bullpen.

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