Cubs can Clinch Tonight

The Chicago Cubs can clinch the NL Central tonight in St. Louis, which would be great for so many reasons. The magic number is currently down to 1, after last night’s win over the Cardinals which eliminated them from the division. So, all that needs to happen in order to clinch is one win or one Brewers loss. Let’s hope it happens tonight.

The Cubs have Jake Arrieta on the mound, possibly making his last ever regular season start in a Cubs uniform, facing off against Cardinals ace, Carlos Martinez. The last time the Cubs faced Martinez, he surrendered 7 runs on 6 hits and 3 walks in 5.1 innings on August 15th. For those of you that don’t remember, that was the game where Lackey and Contreras got tossed.

Don’t think this game will be a cake walk, though, as the Cardinals are still trying to stay alive in the wildcard race, currently 2.5 out and have an elimination number of 4. Plus, they really hate the Cubs.

Side note about things going on right now: chill out, Jon Lester. For those of you that didn’t see, Addison Russell made an attempt on a foul ball last night that resulted in him diving (falling?) into the stands and knocking nachos out of a Cardinals fan’s hands, which resulted in a million terrible nacho jokes, and caused grumpy Jon Lester to make an appearance. Lester’s quote after the game read, “Great effort. But I don’t understand the other stuff. A guy fell into him and got nacho cheese on his arm and now he’s taking pictures and signing autographs. It shows you where our society’s at right now with all that stuff.” To which I say: calm down, Lester. A funny thing happened, Russell gave him some nachos, everyone laughed, and the Cubs dominated the game. So what’s the big deal? Just let everyone have fun. 

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