On This Day in Cubs History: 1966


On this day in 1966, the Cubs played in front of the smallest crowd in Wrigley Field history.

The 55-97 Cubs took on the 72-78 Reds in a game which featured a paid attendance of 530. No, that is not a typo, five hundred and thirty people paid to watch this baseball game.  The game only took 2 hours and 24 minutes to play, and ended in a 9-3 Cubs victory (hurray?)! Ken Holtzman was the pitcher of record for the Cubs, improving to 10-15 on the season, and the game saw Ron Santo go 2-4 with a triple, an RBI, and a run scored, Billy Williams went 2-4 with a homer and 2 RBI, and Ernie Banks was 0-3 with a walk, a sac fly, and an RBI.

Sure, this game was nothing to write home about, and the Cubs would go on the finish the season at 59-103 and finish 10th out of 10 in the NL, but it’s crazy to imagine a game at Wrigley Field where only 530 people were in attendance. Can you imaging what would happen if a team were to have that low of an attendance today? Hell, even the A’s were able to pull 10,000 on a Wednesday against the Angels!


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