Defending Pedro Strop

pedro strop

Pedro Strop gets a ton of hate, and I feel like I spend at least 30% of my days defending him, so I thought I would just put my thoughts/facts/evidence into a blog for citation purposes in the future.

I get complaints about him walking too many guys, being inconsistent, and just flat-out being bad. So let’s take a look at the numbers and see what they say.

Pedro Strop has an ERA this season of 3.09, an ERA- of 71, and a FIP- of 79. Now, let’s look at just his 2nd half numbers, and what do you know! We have consistency. In the 2nd half his numbers are a tiny bit elevated, a 3.22 ERA, a 74 ERA-, and a FIP- of 76. In other words, he is very good and about 25% above average. He has also given up runs in just 4 of his 24 appearances since the all-star break. Strop hasn’t given up a run in his last 7 appearances. Also, his ERA- is good enough to rank 58th in the MLB among relievers (out of 159 qualified relievers), and 4th on the Cubs behind Davis, Montgomery, and Duensing, all of whom have been very good this season.

Now for walks, sure, I’ll concede it. He walks too many guys. His BB% is 10% which is a little bit high. He ranks 111 out of 159 in walk percentage, which, unfortunately, is better than Grimm, Montgomery, Davis, Wilson, and Edwards out of the Cubs bullpen. However, he also has a fantastic K% at 24.9%, which will offset and strand many of those walks he gives up. He does a very good job of getting out of tough situations.

I think these numbers state my case, but if you still believe Strop is terrible, please let me know why you think this. @ChiCubsCoverage. Strop has been a quality reliever, yet again, this season, and there is no reason to believe otherwise. #HatsToTheLeft for life.



  1. Runners inherited that score don’t reflect on his stats but he probably is one of the team leaders in that category! A two run lead when he takes over to a one run defecit when he is mercifully pulled doesn’t hurt his era but costs another loss, I wouldn’t put him in any meaningful game if we were out of pitchers I’d probably try my luck with a position player first!


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