1 Move for Every Team to Make


It’s that time: we are less than 24 hours away from the MLB trade deadline, and there are a ton of moves to be made. So I’ve decided to break it down and list the one player every team needs to trade or trade for. Check it out and let me know what you think!

AL East

Blue Jays– The Jays don’t have a shot this year and I recently saw a report on this. I’m going to go with JA Happ. Happ could net a solid return in a market with very high demand for pitchers. Especially controllable ones, and Happ is under contract for the 2018 season

Orioles- Trade Zach Britton. It’s as simple as that. He was the top closer in baseball last season, but he has had a down year. He is still in arbitration, and is under control for next season. They could get quite the haul for him.

Rays- Brad Hand would be the guys for the Rays to target. The rumors are that they are looking for a lefty reliever, and there is no better lefty reliever on the market than Brad Hand. He is already worth 2.1 WAR this season and is under contract until 2020. This is exactly the type of guy the Rays would want, although the price may be steep.

Red Sox– This certainly isn’t breaking news, as it has been out there for a while, but the Red Sox should be, and are, going after Mets reliever Addison Reed. Reed has a 2.57 ERA this season in 49 IP and has been stellar for the last couple years. He is a free agent after this season, and I think he will be the 1st big-name reliever to come off the board.

Yankees- Even though they already added a pitcher in Jaime Garcia, I think the Yankees will go after and land Sonny Gray. This is just a matter of ironing out the prospects.


AL Central

Indians– I talked about this on my podcast, I think the perfect addition for the Indians would be Jed Lowrie. He’s a utility type guy that can hit a little and play multiple infield positions. With the way Kipnis has struggled (and been injured) this year, he would be a great fit.

Royals- The Royals made their perfect deadline addition today in Melky Cabrera, but another guy they could look at would be Seth Lugo from the Mets. He is a starting pitcher who can also come out of the pen, but he is under control for several years on a cheap contract, and he is going to be very solid. He will eat up innings and be very consistent.

Tigers- This one is very simple: the Tigers need to find a taker for Justin Verlander so they can get their rebuild underway.

Twins- I want to be on the record as saying I don’t think the Twins should do anything. They are looking to be competitive in the near future, so there are no moves necessary. However, they could probably get a very good haul for Ervin Santana. He is 11-7 with a 3.37 ERA this season, and has been fantastic. He is also on a pretty cheap deal through 2019.

White Sox– I’m actually not going to say anything about the Sox because they’ve already traded away their entire Major League roster.


AL West

A’s- I’ve already touched on this, but Sonny Gray needs to be dealt. The A’s could get a very good return on him, which will help move along their rebuild process.

Angels- Bud Norris is the guy on the chopping block for the Angels. He is a free agent after this season, and with the Angels currently 18 games back, they might as well get something for him. Norris currently has a 3.05 ERA with 16 saves in 41 innings pitched. Those are solid numbers, and he is a desirable piece at the deadline.

Astros- In the middle of the last year of his contract, Lane Lynn has been pitching quite well for the struggling Cards. The Astros could get Lynn for a relatively cheap price, and he would fit in well with their already solid rotation. Win-win for both teams.

Mariners- I think the Mariners want to make a push for a wild card spot, and the guy to go after would be Jeff Samardzija. He is under contract (granted, not a great one) through the 2020 season, and although he has struggled this season, he is a text-book change of scenery guy.

Rangers- Move Yu Darvish. He is gone after this season, so get something in return.


NL East

Braves- Flip Matt Adams. They got him on the cheap when he was struggling with the Cards, but he has since become one of the hottest hitters in baseball. His value will never be as high as it is right now, so flip him for assets.

Marlins- Dee Gordon is owed a significant amount of money through 2021, but there will certainly be teams interested in him. Miami doesn’t need to make any drastic changes for their future plans, but Gordon’s speed will certainly be a hot commodity come October, so don’t be surprised if he winds up on a contender.

Mets- Trade Addison Reed. His value is very high right now, and there are several teams in on him. Drive up the price and get what you can for him.

Nationals- For the love of god, give Baltimore whatever they want for Britton. The Nats desperately need a bullpen arm, and there is probably not a better one on the market.

Phillies- I’ve seen rumors about them going after a young bat to help move the rebuild along, and I think the Marlin’s Christian Yelich would be the perfect target. He is a star in the making


NL Central

Brewers- Getting a starter would be the thing to do if the Brewers want to remain in the division race, and the Marlin’s Dan Straily would be a great pick up. Straily has a 3.84 ERA in 117 innings this season, is young, and under control until 2021. He would be a great fit in Milwaukee.

Cardinals- Trade Randal Grichuk. He doesn’t appear to be the future of the franchise as many people once believed, so sell him now while some are still high on him. He is only 25, so someone will almost certainly overpay.

Cubs- The Cubs need a backup catcher so Willson Contreras can stay fresh down the stretch, and there is no better backup available than AJ Ellis, especially for the low price he should command. He isn’t a top-tier guy, but he is certainly good enough to give Willy some rest here and there, as well as help move along the development of Caratini.

Pirates- I don’t think the Pirates make a move.

Reds– The Reds need to find a suitor for shortstop Zack Cozart. He has been very good this season, and will almost certainly leave Cincinnati in free agency this year. Get a couple prospects for him.


NL West

D-backs- Zack Cozart would be a very good fit in Arizona. They are riddled with injuries in the infield, and Cozart could fill that void until their young guys are ready to go next season.

Dodgers- I feel like it’s a foregone conclusion that the Dodgers are going to land Darvish.

Giants- If the Giants could get someone to take Samardzija off their hands for a decent return, that would be the perfect situation for San Fran. They would probably net a very good return, which is exactly what they need.

Padres- As discussed earlier, the Padres can likely get someone to give them a great return for reliever Brad Hand. I’m actually really interested in how this turns out for the Padres.

Rockies- The Rockies need a 2nd catcher, so I’m going to say they should go after Jonathan Lucroy. He has struggled this season (OBP under .300), but he is certainly a serviceable backup, and that is exactly what the Rockies need.


There are a ton of moves that will likely be made before Monday afternoon, but these are the ones that I think need to happen. Please, yell at me and tell me where I’m wrong. Also, please listen to my new podcast, The Grand Slam (@GrandSlamPod on twitter).

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