TBT: Jose Hernandez

jose hernandez.jpg

TBT is a new weekly piece I am going to write, and it is exactly like it sounds. My Throwback Thursday post is going to be a blog about a former/retired Cubs player, and I hope to get suggestions from you guys on who the post should cover. This week’s suggestion of Jose Hernandez (after some confusion on my part thinking the tweet said Jose FERNANDEZ instead) comes from Rod Thofield (@RCTHO). So be sure to look for my tweet on Wednesday night/Thursday morning and send in you suggestions!

Jose Hernandez played 6 seasons for the Cubs from 1994-1999 and then another 23 games in the 2003 season before being traded to the Pirates. In his time in Chicago, he played in 672 games slashing .253/.309/.438 with 71 homers and 243 RBI. He was never a big hitter, but he was known as the Swiss army knife, as he was one of the best utility players in baseball throughout the late 90s and early 2000s. In Hernandez’s 15 year MLB career, he played 7 different positions (8 if you count DH), only missing out on pitching and catching.

Hernandez was fantastic in the field, playing those 7 defensive positions while maintaining a career .972 fielding %. He played over 50 games at every single one of those positions, and managed to just make 154 errors in his 15 year career. Despite never winning a Gold Glove (played too many different positions to get enough votes), he led the majors in several major defensive categories at Short Stop, including fielding percentage, assists, and double plays.

Hernandez was a guy, mostly because of his style of play, that bounced around a lot during his career. The 2002 all-star played on 9 different teams including the Cubs (2 stints), Rangers, Indians (2 stints), Braves, Brewers (all-star season), Rockies, Pirates (2 stints), Dodgers, and Phillies. Last update I could find on his current whereabouts, Hernandez was coaching in the Orioles minor league system in 2013, but he is no longer with them.

Jose Hernandez was a fan-favorite guy in his time in Chicago, and was always one of those guys that people love to root for. Who doesn’t love the scrappy, light hitting defensive specialist that can play 7 different positions? Because I know I do.

I tried to find a highlight video to put in here, but came up with nothing. Tweet at me if you find one and I will put it in the post!

Remember, comment on this or tweet me your suggestions for next week’s Throwback Thursday!

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